Carrot Patch



This craft was done over 2 videos. On the second video I decided to cover the carrots with drop cloth and make the carrot sign.

The video has the full instruction but I will list the supply I used.

Supply List

The Base is a wood plaque  and I painted it in White Swan.

I used burlap that was about 6" wide and used burlap ribbon for the Botton part of the project.

The carrots are from Dollarama in Canada and I used green raffia for the carrot tops

I decided to cover the carrots with drop cloth (any hardware store) and dry brush using Fire Starter paint.

Spanish Moss, and 2 craft sticks and a dowel for the carrot sign.

The bunny was made out of drop cloth. 

Have fun creating this in your style with what you have, below is a picture of a follower who did this craft after watching the video!

Video 1                                Video 2



Debbie Te Winkle sign

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