With the Typeset Stamp you can personalize any sign! This is one stamp everyone needs in their craft stash. The flowers on the sign were added using the Lady Of Shallot stamp. This stamp is being retired, so supplies are limited. Want to make your own sign? Check out the supply list and how to video for this project!

Supply List

  1. Wood Canvas 5 x 7 ....View Here
  2. Farm Fresh Paint...View Here
  3. Vintage Linen...View Here
  4. Typeset Stamp...View Here
  5. Rose Toile Stamp (Dragonfly)...View Here
  6. Lady of Shallot Stamp...View Here
  7. Big Top (sealer)...View Here
  8. Black Ink...View Here
  9. Ink Pad...View Here



February 03, 2021 — denise parkes



DonnaLois said:

I love your videos!! Thank you sooo much for sharing!! I also love the big ziplock plastic holder u use for your stamps!! Do u know where I can order these from!!??
Take care 😘

Dianne Soupal

Dianne Soupal said:

When you’re dipping we can’t see what you’re dipping into. Is it just plain water? If so do you have 2 things of water, one for white n one for green? Sorry for being fussy, I’m a newbie n want to do it right lol. I love your easy going nature and your talent n taste.

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