Junk Journal Series EP. 7

Junk Journal Series EP. 7

This is episode 7 of our summer junk journal series and it's a great one! When you are creating paper crafts I love to use vintage papers including magazine…..but most magazine are glossy. However i have found a way to make glossy paper matt and it's so easy!

It started when I could not resist buying these vintage bear magazine. There were so many cute bear pictures …..so I set out to research how to de-gloss paper! I found a few option but the best was easy and works great.  

So I tested the method and it worked beautifully! All you need is a bottle of Clear Gesso. 

I cut out  this picture of this bear and gave it 1 coat of clear gesso. It leaves a mat and slightly gritty texture. I am sure there are many brands of gesso, I got from amazon

Below is the 2 tags i made for the journal plus i made this pocket with the lace

Watch the video below for the how to!

Along with the Essential Shabby Collection we now have Vintage Paper Collection. I put together a variety of vintage papers and coffee staines papers. all are different and one of a kind

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