Mindful Mixed Media Club July 6

Mindful Mixed Media Club July 6

print of a canary in a painted vintage from that was uo-cycled

This was the class I taught in the Mindful Mixed Media Membership. It was a 2hr workshop on Zoom, where members can ask questions and interact with each other.

picture of supplies needed for this project
print of a canary in a painted vintage from that was uo-cycled

We used a printable that was included in the class, created a lot of layers and used  bubble wrap ( it"s our challenge this month) I will post members pictures below. I love how everyone has their own unique vision for the class.

The Mindful Mixed Media

Is a monthly membership to embrace your creative voice, experiment with different mediums, and develop your skills to create artwork that truly resonates with you.

We all experience those moments of doubt when our artwork doesn't turn out quite as we envisioned. But fear not! Together, we'll conquer those obstacles and unlock your creative potential, ensuring that you create finished art pieces that will make your heart sing with pride.

Imagine how it will feel when you step back and look at a completed piece that exceeds your expectations — a creation that fills you with a profound sense of pride and accomplishment. I'm here to guide you through the simple yet powerful process of finding your inner creative, and tell that inner critic to quiet down.

Members Creations

Products I used

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