No sew Farmhouse pillow

No sew Farmhouse pillow

You read that right this is a no sew project!! I can't sew( more like I don't have patients for sewing) so I am using Sure bond fabric glue. The best invention since sliced bread.

This is a fast and easy DIY 

You will need 

Glue gun I use Ryobi Glue Gun

Sure bond Fabric glue

Drop Cloth

Fabric Ribbion

Farm Animals stamp

Typeset Stamp

Ink and pad



Cut your drop cloth to the size you want.  I did a 20" x 20" square

Put cardboard between the fabric so the ink won't go through to the back


Lay out the stamps the way you would like it. I used the sheep from the Farm Animals stamp.


Apply the ink, I used IOD black ink which is a permanent ink. Which is washable after you heat set it.

When you are stamping fabric you want to make sure the stamp is juicy and you hold down and press firmly and longer.  This gives the ink a chance to be soaked up by the fabric.


That's how easy it is to stamp fabric. Now go ahead and add the rest of your stamps

I am using the sheep stamp, the set also has a rooster, pig, cow and a rabbit.

Now fold the fabric so the design is on the inside

Start to glue your seems together using the fabric hot glue. If you want the pillow as a cover that you can remove, leave 1 end open. I did not show but  you can glue velcro to the opening.


Turn your pillow around 

Take your fabric ribbon and glue it to the front of the pillow. Fill with poly fill or insert your pillow. If you want the pillow to go in the wash, glue velcro to the open end instead if glueing it shut.

Let dry overnight and then heat set with an iron or the dryer

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Check out the IOD stamp page for more stamps

Here is the lIve video from FaceBook 





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