Supply List

  1. 2 Pumpkins are from the Dollar Tree
  2. 2 Brown Paper Bags from the Dollar Tree
  3. 4 Book pages.....Use an old book
  4. Liquid Patina....Decoupage Medium....View Here
  5. Dark & stain the book pumpkin...View Here
  6. Letter Beads...........View Here
  7. Cloth Ribbon.....View Here
  8. Spanish Moss....Dollar Tree
  9. Green Moss....Dollar Tree
  10. Wire wrapped in hemp twine....Micheals


August 12, 2021 — denise parkes


Karin Gilfoy

Karin Gilfoy said:


Kathy glover

Kathy glover said:

I love both of them ❤️❤️❤️ Missed you I have been out of pocket fir a bit

Paula Wheeler

Paula Wheeler said:

I am from Northern Illinois called Shirland . We are very rural I love your videos,

Anna Schueller

Anna Schueller said:

I love them both!! I want to try them. #supply list


Mary-Lynne said:

Love them both 💕I hope to make both 🥰You inspire me..

Denise Felton

Denise Felton said:

They’re precious! I can’t seem to chose the one I did not like. ☺

Deb TeWinkel

Deb TeWinkel said:

I like them both and will make both if i can get my hands on the 🎃 s!

Terriann Derrick

Terriann Derrick said:

I love them both but prefer the word one :-) Sprinkled

Donna L Talvy

Donna L Talvy said:

I love the paper pumpkin!

Heather Stewart

Heather Stewart said:

Love both😊💕

Teresa Skaggs

Teresa Skaggs said:

Love them both! Can wait till my dollar tree gets more pumpkins in!

Laurie Magyar

Laurie Magyar said:

Love them both,yes I will make these. I hope they come out as nice as yours!🥰

Susan Ovans

Susan Ovans said:

I like them both as well. I also sprinkled ! Happy Thursday !!

Robyn Vibert

Robyn Vibert said:

Great idea…love them both, sprinkled


LynnKiedrowski said:

That is too hard of a question. I love them both!

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