Shabby Chic


 These items I got at the thrift store that sales by the pound....everything except the wood book was a dollar......Man I love a good deal! whether you are buying for your home or flipping for a going to love these.....the video is below and I have listed the supplies for each project.....Hope you love them as much as I do!


Pretty Jar

Use any jar even one from the kitchen

Paint was White Swan

Sarah Cream Napkin

Liquid Patina.....Decoupage medium


I used White Swan and Clear Wax

Wood Book

I used the Brocante Transfer 

White Swan for the paint

Big Top to seal the project before using the transfer


Painted it in White Swan

Tin Container

Cottage Colour Paint which is  has a sealer in you don't need to seal before the transfer .... Haint Blue and White Linen

Ephemeral Transfer for both labels 

Round wood with dome

White Swan and Petticoat Pink

Clear Wax and Dark Wax

The moulds I used are Olive Crest, He Loves Me and the Fleur Dis Lis

IOD Air Dry Clay

Wood Glue 







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