So Shabby


I love me some pink frilly things!!! and this is no exception LOL With a few supplies you can create this look.  I am listing the supply list and the video below

Supply List

  1. Heart Slat Board...View Here
  2. Scrabble letters..View Here
  3. Liquid Patina...View Here
  4. White Swan Paint...View Here
  5. Evelyn Napkin...View Here
  6. Rosie White Napkins...View Here
  7. Shabby Rose Napkin...View Here
  8. Retro Pink Lace...View Here
  9. Retro Ivory Laced ...View Here
  10. Vintage Inspired Ribbon ...View Here


February 26, 2021 — denise parkes
Tags: shabby chic


Jeanne Hobson

Jeanne Hobson said:

I love your stuff and I follow your page on Facebook.
This morning I got tagged in messenger from a different Crafty-DIYer that is scamming.
Wanted you to know so that you could notify your followers.


Paula said:

Simply, truly beautiful. I love it.

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