Some bunny loves you!

Supply List

For full instruction please see video below.

I used a 5 x 7 Wood Canvas and painted it in Crinoline 

I used the felt bunny I got from the dollar store and traced it out on the drop cloth 2 times.

After cutting it out, I hot glued ( fabric hot glue stick) it together and left the bottom open so I could stuff it.

You can cut open an inexpensive pillow for the stuffing, after filling the bunny, hot glue the ends together and hot glue the bunny to the canvas.

I took a shipping tag and painted it with Crinoline and White Swan, once dry I trimmed it. 

I stamped it with the word love in pink ink  ( stamp was from Micheals several years ago)

I created the pink Ink by mixing Tomotto Ink and Mixing White Ink and then added it to an empty Ink Pad.

I edged the canvas and the tag with Brown Ink which I made using Tomotto Ink, New Grass Ink and a little Black Ink.

I added some lace to the top and Spanish moss to the bottom.




 Paper Heart




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