Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland

Look how cute this little garland is! I have listed the supply list below and if you would like to make one yourself I have created a Crafty DIY Kit!

DIY Craft Kit

Christmas Garland Kit. BUY 

Supply List

  • Wood Deers (Micheals  Canada)
  • Wood Stockings (Micheals Canada
  • Buffalo check Napkins. BUY
  • DIY Paint Bead Board. BUY
  • Liquid Patina. BUY
  • Ribbons. BUY

December 04, 2020 — denise parkes
Let It Snow Sled

Let It Snow Sled

Dollar Store Flip

Dollar store flip typeset stamp diy paint

This sled was cute but it just didn't fit my decor sooooo I changed it! I have made a supply list below and added the video incase you missed it.

If you create this I would love to see it in the group I want to craft

Supply List

Don't forget if you are from the US to change the currency on the home page, top right hand corner.  HERE 

Sled: Dollar Tree

Greenery: Dollarama

Paint: Layered Chocolate Buy Here  and Bead Board Buy Here

Stamp: Typeset Buy Here

Stencil: Mini Christmas Set   Buy Here

Stencil Brush Buy Here


Farmhouse sign

Farmhouse sign


Having these signs (shelf sitter) in your home gives a nice touch to any vignette, or if you resale they are and easy project that moves well. 


The supplies you need are:

DYI Paint (in the colours) ;

Hot Cocoa JRV Stencil

Buffalo Check Napkin (Two 2.5” pieces)

Liquid Patina (Decoupage Medium)

Stencil Brush



First step is to paint your wood piece using DIY Paint. We used Little Black Dress, which is the blackest black.

Let dry completely before moving on.




Pull off the backing on the Buffalo Check Napkin. You can save the backing and use it for cleaning up any messes!  Using a small paint brush and a bit of water you can easily tear 2.5” pieces from the napkin by swiping a dampened brush across the napkin and pulling apart gently. 


  • Quick Tip: To easily remove the backing from the napkin just wet the tip of your finger and thumb and press together on the napkin and release.  The napkin should stick to your finger and the backing to your thumb giving you a starting point for removing the backing.

Apply Liquid Patina to the side areas of the wood piece where the napkin will go, then line up your napkin and set it on top of the Liquid Patina.  Do not worry about that extra bit hanging over, that can easily be removed with a bit of sandpaper later. 


Once your napkin is in place use a bag to pat it down. Using a bag keeps the napkin from ripping. 

Line up your Hot Cocoa Stencil and apply your paint using dabbing or swirling motions. If you would like a more hand painted look you can fill in the areas where the wording does not touch by using a small paint brush.

  • Quick Tip: Make sure you off load your Stencil Brush after dipping it into your paint so that you do not push the excess paint under the stencil.


Once everything is completely dry and you have removed any extra napkin bits, you will want to seal the whole front of the sign using Liquid Patina.
And that is it! Now you have a super cute shelf sitter to add to your home! Or if you would rather it hang on a wall, then you just need to add a couple small eye hooks to the top and use your choice of wire, twine, or ribbon to hang!


This would make a great gift and I hope this has inspired you to create one and if you do, show us in our free group! 

 I Want to Craft  here.

Keep crafting, stay safe and be Happy!

You can watch the video here.


October 10, 2020 — denise parkes
Dinning Table Makeover

Dinning Table Makeover

This table was given to me at just the right time. I am redoing my dinning room and because it is so small I needed a small table......but I wanted something vintage.  So how lucky was I, that this came to me and had the best chunky legs ever!! lol

next project will be the chairs!


I used a eco friendly stripper but next time  I will just sand, basically because I had to sand anyway......lesson learned lol

After sanding I used a scrubby to remove any last residue and finish.  


I then used Old and Grey From DIY Paint to stain the top.  Now I say stain but its not your traditional stain.  It's water based and dries in 15 min. Now how awesome is that!

The left side is 1 coat of Old and Grey.



Then I painted the legs with 2 coats Bead Board also by DIY Paint.

Next I wet distressed them with water and a lint free cloth

I used clear wax on the legs.. The top I finished in Big Top liquid sealer because it's a dinning table 

I really love this finish and will be doing more for the furniture I sell in my booth









July 30, 2020 — denise parkes
Table Makeover

Table Makeover

Table Makeover blending 3 colours and a transfer.
January 18, 2020 — Denise Parkes
Thrift Store Makeover

Thrift Store Makeover

I LOVE thrifting! I could do it all day every day AND my love for painting makes this a marriage in heaven Lol

Bar stools are a great addition to the home and not just for sitting on.  I am keeping this stool.....well it's actually my sister who wants it.  She keeps it beside her chair in the living room as a side table.


In the video's I show you how to "wet distress" to achieve this chippy look......and OMG its is so easy with DIY Paint because it's clay based!

Below is a list of paint colours I used and the 3 video I did on Facebook LIVE.

This is a custom colour I created using 


Sea Glass                            Old 57                              Tarnished pearl

I did not measure it BUT I was say it was 50% 50% of Sea Glass and Old 57 and I added drops of Tarnished Pearl until I got the look I was wanting.

I used Clear Wax and then White Wax to seal it.


Clear Wax.                        White Wax


The stencil I used was from Jami Ray Vintage

You can purchase the paint right here on my site which helps support me and my facebook/ You Tube channels.  You can shop in your own how cool is that!  Just change it from the top of the website.

Thank you so much for your support! I love bringing you new and fun ways to create!

 Video 1


Video 2

 Video 3

January 13, 2020 — Denise Parkes
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up-cycle thrifted items with paint and clay

up-cycle thrifted items with paint and clay

I am always at the thrift store and see inexpensive item that with a little help can be beautifully up-cycled. 

Below is a few things I created with DIY Paint and Iron Orchid Design also known as IOD lol. I included the LIVE facebook I did showing you how easy it is!

December 13, 2019 — Denise Parkes