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print of a canary in a painted vintage from that was uo-cycled

I wanted to see if i could print on book paper with one of my printables and it worked! There are a few things we need to do first

Book Pages

 I found this encyclopedia at a thrift store. The pages are large, measuring 8 x 11 inches, but you can opt for smaller ones if you prefer depending on your project. The best part? It only cost me $2!

Feel free to print on the page with or without the paint, but adding paint can offer some nice variation in the design.

Now, I must mention that running a painted piece of paper through your printer is definitely not standard practice, so proceed at your own risk. However, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  1. ENSURE YOUR PAINT IS COMPLETELY DRY: This step is crucial. I can't stress its importance enough.

  2. DILUTE THE PAINT: I personally watered down the paint slightly to achieve a translucent effect.

To adhere the book page to the copy paper, use a removable tape runner. Apply tape to the corners and a small strip down the sides of the copy paper. I prefer using card stock for this purpose. Make sure the book page is flat and securely attached to the card stock to prevent any jamming in the printer.

With your paper dry and securely taped to the copy paper, it's time to print.

For this project, I'm using the charming tea set design from the Floral Tea Party collection.

Carefully insert the paper into your printer, ensuring you know which side is being printed on so you can orientate it correctly.

Be mindful that some areas of ink may still be wet due to the paint, so allow it to dry completely before handling the printed paper.

To remove the paper, gently insert a ruler or a credit card between the papers. Carefully slide the ruler around to separate the pages.

I suggest using a glue stick instead of a decoupage medium. Old book paper can be delicate, and the ink may smear when it gets wet. Based on my experience, I achieved better results with the glue stick.

Add a liberal amount of the glue sticknto the surface and apply the paper

Apply the printed paper to the surface and gently press down. To remove any excess, lightly sand the edges with sandpaper and add some brown ink for a distressed look.

Regarding sealing, I typically skip this step, but if you prefer to seal it, I recommend using a spray sealer.

Product/s I Used

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More About Printables

Tips for displaying in your home

  1. Once you've completed your frame, you'll want to find the perfect place to display it in your home. There are countless ways to showcase a beautiful piece of artwork like this, but here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Hang it on a gallery wall: If you have a collection of artwork that you'd like to display together, consider creating a gallery wall. This is a great way to showcase multiple pieces of art in one cohesive display. To hang your wooden canvas frame on a gallery wall, use a picture hanging kit or some small nails or screws to secure it to the wall.

  • Prop it up on a mantle: If you have a fireplace mantle or a shelf that could use a little visual interest, try propping your wooden canvas frame up on it. This works particularly well if you've added some height to your frame with the decoupaged paper or other embellishments.

  • Use it as a centerpiece: If you have a large table or an empty space that needs some visual interest, consider using your wooden canvas frame as a centerpiece. You could place it on a tray with some candles and other decorative elements, or use it as a backdrop for a vase of flowers.

What is mixed Media?

Mixed media is a type of crafting that involves combining different materials and techniques to create a unique piece of art. It's a popular form of crafting because it allows you to experiment with different textures, colors, and mediums, creating something that's truly one-of-a-kind.

For the more craft-focused individuals, mixed media can be a great way to add a personalized touch to home decor, gift-giving, and even upcycling old items. With the ability to use a variety of materials, such as fabric, paper, paint, and more, mixed media can add depth and dimension to any project.

One fun and simple mixed media project is creating a personalized journal or scrapbook. You can use a variety of materials to decorate the pages, such as paint, stencils, stickers, washi tape, and more. By combining different textures and techniques, you can create a visually interesting and unique book that's perfect for jotting down thoughts, memories, or even as a gift.

Another craft-focused mixed media project is creating custom home decor. With the ability to use different materials and techniques, you can create a variety of decor items, such as wall art, photo frames, and even planters. By combining materials such as wood, paint, and fabric, you can create a piece that's both functional and stylish.

For those who enjoy upcycling old items, mixed media can be a great way to give new life to old items. For example, you can take an old chair and use a combination of paint and fabric to create a completely new look. This not only saves money but also helps reduce waste by repurposing items that would otherwise be thrown away.

In conclusion, mixed media is a versatile form of crafting that offers a range of possibilities for those who enjoy crafting. Whether you're creating personalized journals, custom home decor, or upcycling old items, mixed media allows you to combine different materials and techniques to create something that's truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

A Printable is essentially digital files that you can download and print at home. 

  • Framing them: You can print out a favorite design and frame it for a quick and easy art piece.
  • Using them in scrapbooking: A Printable are a great way to add some unique and interesting elements to your scrapbook pages. You can print out patterned paper, journaling cards, and other design elements to use in your layouts.
  • Making cards and invitations: If you're in need of some custom cards or invitations, printables can be a great solution. You can find more  printable designs on our website
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