The Scarlets


I am in love with this project, these little birds are so adorable. If you would like to create this for yourself ,I am including the supply list and Video below!

Happy Crafting

Supply List

  1. Square Slat board....View Here
  2. Scarlet Birds Napkins...View Here
  3. White Swan Paint...View Here
  4. Liquid Patina....View Here
  5. Yellow Ribbon....View Here
  6. Blue Ribbon....View Here
  7. Lace.....View Here
  8. Flowers.....View Here








February 18, 2021 — denise parkes


Lynne jones

Lynne jones said:

I live watching you craft but I’m always late cos of the time difference u in canada and me in uk 😂 I’m so gutted that I carnt buy any thing off you cos of delivery I just hope n pray that you might send to uk soon

Linda Combs

Linda Combs said:

I enjoyed watching you do this project.
Is there a difference in Liguid patina and modge podge? What keeps the napkins from eventually coming off if it’s not sealed afterward? Your finished project is gorgeous!

Dee Dorman

Dee Dorman said:

I’m not a fan of bird picture. This one is most beautiful. Great job once again. Be happy

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