Up-cycling a bottle and book cover

I love to display books in my decor....they make great risers and add a lot of interest. When I want a very vintage look I will remove the hardcover and display them as is......but that leaves me with hardcovers and I do not want to throw them out....so hear's what I did with this cover.  You can watch the replay of the live I did below...I also show how easily it is to paint on glass



Check list for the bottle

Grab a bottle from your kitchen or thrift store...this is all about how to paint on glass.

Paint: I used Cottage Colour in Vintage Pink. It's an all in one paint so no sealer needed. When painting on glass the type of paint you choose matters!  with the DIY paint including the cottage color it will adhere to glass....the first coat is will be slick and you will need to add a few layers.  You can get around that by  using Saltwash.

Saltwash is a powder you add to paint to create either a think or thin texture and it will also help the paint stick to glass. You can see more about it in the video below. Saltwash can be found here 


 Check List for the book cover

Grab an old book and remove the hardcover, use the book as a riser in your decor. Don't throw out the hardcover because that is what we are using as the base of our project.

You will need a transfer....in this project I used the Ephemeral Transfer, there are so many beautiful transfers in just 1 packet 

I added the transfer to the inside of the hardcover....no paint needed because I loved the vintage age to the paper. I added some lace to make the bow.....which you can see in the video below


I hope this inspires you to create beautiful things for your home and recycle at the same time!



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