Vintage Canister

I love these vintage tin canisters I got from the thrift store and for only $4.....but really wanted to update the colour......I don't do a lot of colour in my home but small pops of colour is fun. Watch the video below that is on my YOUTUBE Channel  to see how I gave them a new look.


Supply List with links

I used SALTWASH with the DIY Paint in Old 57

In the video I show how we solved the problem of the name plate.

I used the Traditional Pot Transfer...this transfer has 32 labels, 16 black 8 white and 8 blue.

I sealed the canisters with Big Top

Then I used White Wax to soften the blue.

I hope this inspires you to create and never pass up a good deal.... I payed $4 and could easily sell for $32 







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