bunny painted and decoupaged using a paper napkin and fusion paint

Vintage Bunny

This week, we used the wood bunny and egg from the Decoupage Club box and created a beautiful craft. We also used a napkin from the box, some paint and other tools to create an adorable piece. The wood bunny and egg are perfect for spring and Easter crafts, and the napkin added a unique and colorful touch to the project.

I started the project by painting the egg in Inglewood and the bunny in picket fence, both from Fusion. I chose a beautiful napkin from the box that had a floral pattern with shades of green and pink.. I used Liquid Patina to apply the napkin to the bunny. To give the bunny a vintage look, I used some brown ink around the edges and in the crevices. This added a nice depth and dimension to the piece, making it look like it had been around for years. I cant wait to see what the members make with their bunny and egg!

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