This special 3-day workshop will be held online and features several craftable projects using the fresh, summery Lemon & Lavender Printable Bundle.

You will learn how to:

  • Create with printables, even when you don't have a printer
  • Make beautiful home decor using upcycled or found objects and affordable printables as a crafting tool
  • Use specialty papers to achieve unique and custom results when creating craftable projects!
  • Use tea bag paper to decoupage a printable on a glass jar.
  • Craft a wooden tag sign with a woodgrain finish and with easily removable results if you want to change it up later!
  • Beginner-friendly instructions on how to start using printables as an affordable craft medium when creating home decor and other projects for yourself or as gifts! We will walk through a variety of paper options and other materials to get unique results.

  • You will learn how to create a wooden craft sign using the fresh, summery Lemon & Lavender print bundle just in time for summer decor. Plus, we will learn how to create this project so that you can easily remove the design and repurpose it for a future project!

  • We will cover step-by-step instructions on using tea bag paper to create interesting and unique results in your crafting! Our project will use this paper to decoupage on a glass jar, but will also talk through other unique crafting applications!

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