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Grow a business from a hobby!

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Do you have a Facebook page but it's just not going anywhere? or need to start one? Social media is key to your success and I can show you how to grow your page organically before paying for ads. I grew my page to over 3,000 people without ads. It’s not just about posting twice a day but tried and true methods and strategies to help grow your page. Let me help you build an audience so you can sell your product or services




Did you know that photo staging can be an effective tool to catch a sellers eye. If you are selling furniture or décor items, a well balanced staging and photo can bring you top dollar. I can help you to stage your photos to stop the scroll.


I have seen many creators under charge for their furniture or décor items and eventually stop selling because they are not profitable. Many creators base their prices on what their competitors are charging without taking into consideration the time and effort they have put into the item. I will show you how to breakdown the pricing process so you actually make money!


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Do you love Pinterest? Once a month Tribe Members submit 3 pictures of an item they want to do and I select one and show everyone how to re-create it with adding your own style. It’s fun and demonstrates how anyone can use Pinterest for inspirations and make it your own!



Once a month we come together on-line and play with colour, textures, stamps stencil etc. It’s a safe place to unleash your creativity and try new things without worrying about anything but creating and having fun.



This is your chance to ask me anything! Live Q&A night. This is one of my favourite trainings!


For only $27.00 Canadian monthly, that's less then a coffee a day. Invest in yourself because you are worth it

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