Decoupage is a form of art that uses paper and glue to transform ordinary items into extraordinary creations. You do not need prior experience with art to learn how to Decoupage, it's that easy to learn. You can up-cycle anything from a box, empty bottles, plastic pumpkins from the dollar store and even canvas shoes!

These were created using paper napkins!

Monthly Box And Weekly Inspirations!

Here's what you get



  • Unique napkins hand picked by Denise
  • Unique Collage paper created by Denise.
  • Wood canvas 
  • A surprise item to create with
  • A bag of candy! Why?.... well why not LOL!
  • weekly classes in a private Facebook group
  • A community of like minded crafters where you can share ideas and inspirations.
  • Access to previous classes
  • Your cost will never go up as long as you are a member in good standing 
  • Free Shipping



Mary loves the feeling of accomplishment she gets from creating, but with no formal artistic training, she always feels like she’s not good enough, and even quits before her projects are done, wasting time and money on craft supplies that never make it onto her shelves. Now, with the fun and easy decoupage projects from the Crafty DIYer, the community of fellow budding crafters, and the monthly supply of inspiration she gets from the Deccoupage Club, Mary’s crafts bring her joy throughout the process, and whenever she admires them. Friends are even asking if they can buy her work!

Projects from the weekly classes

Like Mary, Linda loves to craft, but always felt like it was a lonely pursuit. By joining the Deccoupage Club, Linda was able to access weekly classes from the Crafty DIYer, meeting a brand new community of like-minded friends, and gaining confidence and new ideas from her monthly deliveries.

Community Of Awesomeness  

   Susan loves to decoupage, but doesn’t have the time and energy to find the unique supplies she needs. By the time she finds the “perfect” napkin to decoupage with, then orders it, she’s spent a tremendous amount of money on shipping and ends up with many more napkins than she actually needs. When she joined the Deccoupage Club, all of those issues disappeared, and she began receiving hand-selected napkins that are perfectly suited to her never-ending stream of projects. 

Meet Denise

I am a believer that you can find self expression and confidence through crafting of all kinds. Whether you want to relax and have "me time" or  have friends over and enjoy a night of fun and creativity,  you need to carve out time to "Keep crafting and be happy!"

I love creating this special box every goal is not only to bring you beautiful items at great value, but create a feeling of fun and joy when you open your box......its not just a box its an experience!

After Joining, Here’s What You’ll Receive

Frequently Asked Questions

 I am so excited to have you join the Deccoupage Club! You'll find inspiration in every box.... We will have so much fun  together! I can’t wait to see what you create!