Thrifted and up cycled using IOD Transfer Brocanti and Fusion Mineral Paint in pebble and a zebra brush

Thrifted Case


I'm so excited to share this thrift store find that I upcycled using just a little paint and a transfer. It's amazing what a difference a little creativity can make.

I found this piece at a thrift store for just a few dollars and knew it had the potential to be something special. With a little paint and a transfer, I was able to transform it into a unique and stylish piece that I'm really proud of.

Check out the video to see the before and after and see how I did it. I hope it inspires you to try your own upcycling project.

Here is a revised version of the instruction list:

  1. Gather all of your supplies. You will need Fusion Paint in Pebble, a Zibra Brush, a Brocante transfer, a Bella Stamp, a Rose Toile Stamp, Black ink, an Dry Foam Ink pad, and 220-grit or higher sandpaper.

  2. Apply the Fusion Paint in Pebble. Using the Zibra Brush, apply the paint in thin, even layers, making sure to cover the entire surface. You may need to apply two coats to achieve the desired coverage. 

  3. Stamp the top edges with the Bella Stamp. You can also stamp the inside lid with the Rose Toile Stamp. First, ink the stamps with the Black ink using the Dry Foam Ink pad. Then, carefully press the stamps onto the painted surface.

  4. Apply the Brocante transfer. Once the paint and stamps are dry, carefully apply the Brocante transfer using the applicator that is included in the transfer. 

  5. Protect the transfer with clear wax. Once the transfer is in place, use a small amount of clear wax to seal and protect it. Apply the wax in thin, even layers using a clean brush or cloth. Allow the wax to dry overnight and then buff the surface the next day.

  6. Enjoy your newly painted and decorated surface!  You now have a unique and personalized piece.

Watch the video below for full instructions.....Happy Crafting       


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