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The monthly all-access pass to high-quality printable's delivered right to your inbox at a bargain price!

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Are you a crafter who doesn’t consider themselves a skilled artist?

If you’ve ever struggled to get the results you desire with your crafting projects, digital prints are the fastest, easiest way to get professional-level results with just the push of a printer button!

As I started my online business, I realised I was not alone in my desire to create beautiful home decor without the hassle and frustration of starting with a drawing pencil. So when I discovered digital prints — it all CLICKED!

If you’re an avid crafter who loves creating shabby-chic home decor and projects, you’re invited to join …

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We only open the doors to The Digital Print club for TWO DAYS at the beginning of every month. Join the waitlist below to be the first to know when we're accepting new members!

The Digital Print Clubhouse
The Digital Print Clubhouse
The Digital Print Clubhouse
The Digital Print Clubhouse
The Digital Print Clubhouse
The Digital Print Clubhouse
The Digital Print Clubhouse
The Digital Print Clubhouse

The Digital Print Clubhouse

A monthly membership for the avid crafter to quickly and easily access fresh, shabby-chic digital printable at a fraction of the price!

As a member of The Digital Print Clubhouse each month you’ll receive:

  • 5 Monthly Digital Print Bundles including 4-6 prints each delivered to your inbox on the first of every month so you have plenty of designs to inspire you to get crafting!
  • One bundle a month is exclusive to the club!
  • Opportunity to join a Digital Tuesday live weekly class on the Crafty DIY’er Facebook page.
  • Access to a private Facebook community of other happy crafters to chat about your latest creations, share tips, and offer creative encouragement!

Sold separately, these bundles would be valued at $50/CAD or $40/USD each month!

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Crafty Creations

Marilyn Reed Barnett

My box is here! It's wonderful as usual, and the cutouts are amazing.

Dottie Ankey-Wood

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! My treasure box just arrived nad I love every single piece, just beautiful. Thank you Denise and everone behind the scenes making this group possible.

Marca Acord

Got my box today!! Happy dance! So awesome AGAIN!! Thank you Denise Parkes!!

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Hi, I'm Denise!

I’m an avid crafter and firm believer that you can lead a more fulfilled life and find confidence through creative self-expression and crafting of all kinds! I’ve been a crafter my whole life, but never considered myself a skilled artist — I still don’t draw! But that has never stopped me from creating and selling my crafts, especially after I discovered the world of digital printables.

As crafters and creatives, we’re always looking for ways to make the creative process easier, so The Digital Print Clubhouse is a great way to get the shabby-chic digital downloads you need to create fantastic craft projects and home decor with ease for an unbeatable price!

Save on Digital Prints Now!

Low Cost, 


Benefits ...


More time spent crafting and enjoying the creative process instead of stressing about how to achieve the shabby-chic results you desire.


Fresh monthly designs to fuel your creative spirit and make plenty of crafts and home decor to keep, share, or sell!


A 70% monthly cost savings over buying digital print bundles individually!

Crafting Should Be


— Not Time-Consuming and Costly!

You likely use your crafting hobby as a form of relaxation and enjoyment. What isn’t relaxing? Stressing about getting started or wasting money on supplies for projects you don’t love. The Digital Print Clubhouse is your ticket to getting down to the creative process quicker while cutting out the stress of designing from scratch, or ending up with lackluster results.

Let’s get you creating your shabby-chic dream projects TODAY with the ease of digital printables!

Join The Digital Print Clubhouse!

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