Thrift flip challenge


 I went to the Thrift store with $10 to see how much I could get and then flip for a profit......I went to a place that sells by the pound and bought 9 items! .....from the Eiffel Tower to a dramatic lamp makeover ...... I will up-cycle and then give you the potential profit for each list is below by each project and video is below.

 3 Frames

Grey Oval Frame

Broacant Transfer

Brown ink

Ornate Square Frame

White Swan

Ephemeral  Transfer

Vintage Pink

Clear Wax

4 x 6 frame

White Swan

Vintage Pink

Acanthus Mould

IOD Clay

Wood Glue

Pairs Napkin

Liquid Patina


Grey Skies Paint

White Linen Paint

Eiffel Tower

White Swan

Clear Wax

Wood Candle Holder

Evelyn White Napkin

Liquid Patina

Ballet Picture

White Swan

Clear Wax


White Swan Paint

Evelyn White Napkin

Liquid Patina

Clear Wax 





June 29, 2022 — denise parkes

Farmhouse Rooster

 This is a plate frame, you know the kind that would hold a limited addition plate from the 90's. I purchased it for a dollar from the thrift store and created this live on my Facebook page.....if you missed it you can check out the video below. Roosters will always be in style and will fit into any decor.


Supply List

 I painted the wood round in White Linen which has a sealer in it.

I created the distress look using the Vintage Texture Stamp and Stone Grey Ink                                                                                              

The rooster is from the Brocante Transfer.

I painted the frame in Little Black Dress and sealed it in Clear Wax

I hope this has inspired you to create beautiful things today!


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June 28, 2022 — denise parkes

Shabby Chic


 These items I got at the thrift store that sales by the pound....everything except the wood book was a dollar......Man I love a good deal! whether you are buying for your home or flipping for a going to love these.....the video is below and I have listed the supplies for each project.....Hope you love them as much as I do!


Pretty Jar

Use any jar even one from the kitchen

Paint was White Swan

Sarah Cream Napkin

Liquid Patina.....Decoupage medium


I used White Swan and Clear Wax

Wood Book

I used the Brocante Transfer 

White Swan for the paint

Big Top to seal the project before using the transfer


Painted it in White Swan

Tin Container

Cottage Colour Paint which is  has a sealer in you don't need to seal before the transfer .... Haint Blue and White Linen

Ephemeral Transfer for both labels 

Round wood with dome

White Swan and Petticoat Pink

Clear Wax and Dark Wax

The moulds I used are Olive Crest, He Loves Me and the Fleur Dis Lis

IOD Air Dry Clay

Wood Glue 







June 25, 2022 — denise parkes

Decoupage Club


This was a class in the Decoupage Club and here’s what we learned….. that you can decoupage on foam and how to fix bleed through when painting on old wood like this bowl…. It’s more than decoupage we have over 40 classes in the club....if you would like for us to let you know when we have available spot then get yourself on the email list here 

Supply List

The foam Dove was in the June Box as well as the napkin we decoupaged onto the dove.

We used a wood bowl I got from the thrift store

Paints we used were White Swan and Petticoat Pink

We also used Clear Wax and Black Wax


Every week I teach a class in our private group, using the items from the monthly box. If you like to be creative and inspired along with a community of like minded people then I invite you to get on our email list and we will let you know when we have a spot for you......just go here and add your best email.

Hear is a little snippet of the class   


June 23, 2022 — denise parkes

7 Thrift Store Flips


I made 7 decor projects using items I got from the thrift store.....from a horse to a barometer! I will also be showing you how to fix the dreaded bleed through. These  7 flips will work well together in a vignette but also stand alone.  I love to thrift....from the excitement of never knowing what I will find, never paying full price and of course making over to my style.....I hope this inspires you to create a beautiful home with thrifted items on the cheep....For full instruction please see the video below.

Supply List

All items are from the thrift store and  I will list the products I used to make then over.


White Swan

Salvation solution in clear for the Bleed through

Clear Wax, Black Wax and Gold Wax

IOD Air Dry Clay and the Lock and Key Mould


White Swan

Clear Wax

Mail Holder

Cottage Colour White Linen

Traditional Pot Transfer.

Lambs Ear

Wood Riser

White Wax


Printable PDF  will appear as a pop up on this page within 60 seconds....if you don't see it, make sure you don't have a pop up blocker 

Liquid Patina

Brown Ink

Water Jug

Brocante Transfer

Milk glass Lamp 


I use this set of 5 Paint Brushes  



 coming soon











June 22, 2022 — denise parkes

Farmhouse sign


I simply adore this sign! Cows will never go out of style.... back in the day is was called County now it's farmhouse LOL I have listed the Supply list below with links  and for full instruction please see the video below.....I hope this inspires your creativity and create something beautiful for your home

Supply List

I got the cutting board from the thrift store.

I painted it in White Swan

The crackle effect was created using the Vintage Texture Stamp with the Black Ink. 

The cow was made using IOD Air Dry Clay and the Village Market Mould

The milk word was made using the Farmhand Stamp and Black Ink. 

I used Wood Glue to adhere the cow.

The black Paint is Little Black Dress.

I sealed it with Liquid Patina

The bow was made using Buffalo Check Ribbon and Linen Ribbon 



June 20, 2022 — denise parkes

Oh So Pretty

6 projects using items from the thrift store

I call it Shabby French Country and oh so pretty. I love pretty things around me and I enjoy mixing the styles....even a little rustic farmhouse....but it truly doesn't matter what you call it....just surround yourself with things that make you happy!.......I hope this video inspires you to create beautiful things for your home. The video is below and I have listed the products I used with links.

Supply List

For the pink paint, I used Vintage Pink by Cottage Color

The white was White Swan By DIY Paint.

The additive to add for texture is Saltwash

The Birds ere made with IOD Air Dry Clay and the Birdsong Mould

I sealed the projects with Bog Top and White Wax.

I used the Stamp called Rose Toile and used Black Ink

The gold wax on the Tea Pot was Golden Rule

The lavender transfer was from the Painterly Florals Transfer and the Label on the mirrors was from the Brocante Transfer

I use the Stencil Brush for applying wax

The brushes I used for painting....Paint Brush Set

I used construction adhesive by Gorilla Brand




June 18, 2022 — denise parkes

Up-cycling a bottle and book cover

I love to display books in my decor....they make great risers and add a lot of interest. When I want a very vintage look I will remove the hardcover and display them as is......but that leaves me with hardcovers and I do not want to throw them hear's what I did with this cover.  You can watch the replay of the live I did below...I also show how easily it is to paint on glass



Check list for the bottle

Grab a bottle from your kitchen or thrift store...this is all about how to paint on glass.

Paint: I used Cottage Colour in Vintage Pink. It's an all in one paint so no sealer needed. When painting on glass the type of paint you choose matters!  with the DIY paint including the cottage color it will adhere to glass....the first coat is will be slick and you will need to add a few layers.  You can get around that by  using Saltwash.

Saltwash is a powder you add to paint to create either a think or thin texture and it will also help the paint stick to glass. You can see more about it in the video below. Saltwash can be found here 


 Check List for the book cover

Grab an old book and remove the hardcover, use the book as a riser in your decor. Don't throw out the hardcover because that is what we are using as the base of our project.

You will need a this project I used the Ephemeral Transfer, there are so many beautiful transfers in just 1 packet 

I added the transfer to the inside of the paint needed because I loved the vintage age to the paper. I added some lace to make the bow.....which you can see in the video below


I hope this inspires you to create beautiful things for your home and recycle at the same time!



June 17, 2022 — denise parkes

Trash to Treasure



Supply List

Frame was from the thrift store

I painted it with Cottage Color White Linen which is a one step paint.

Drop cloth is from the hardware store. 

Transfer I used is the Brocade Transfer

I aged it with brown ink


Supply List

Basket was from the thrift store. 

Drop cloth from the hardware store

I used the Queen Bee Stamp and the black ink


Supply List

Frame was from the thrift store

I painted it including the glass with White Swan and used the Vintage Pink for the flowers. 

The bee is from the Brocade Transfer

I sealed it before the transfer was added with Liquid Patina

it was antiqued with Black wax

 Supply List

This is a wood plate charger I got from the thrift store. 

The white paint is White Swan, Vintage Pink and Vintage Mint. 

I used Clear Wax and Black wax

I used the Roses Mould and Air Dry Clay


I hope these have inspired you to create and make your home pretty!




June 15, 2022 — denise parkes

Shabby Chic Thrift Flips


I Love both farmhouse, Shabby Chic and French County.  In this video we are going all out on the Shabby Chic. 7 projects using items from the thrift store.....Glasswear, frames and nick nacks.....all up cycled on a budget. I hope this inspires you to create something beautiful for your home! The video is below if you haven't seen it


Supply list

Aside from the glassware you will need some of your favourite ribbon, fabric and lace

The mould I used for the cloch was Rosette Mould and I used AirDry Clay

I used the Ephemeral Transfer for the Frame.

The paint was White Swan and I used Clear Wax and Dark Wax

Mixed media paper or construction paper from any craft store

You will need some glue, I like the gorilla brand....any hardware store will have it.

I hope this inspires you to create today!


June 11, 2022 — denise parkes

Farmhouse Baskets


When I saw these baskets in the thrift store I grabbed them so fast LOL ....they add beautiful texture and interest to your decor....I added the cow and pig and aged them to match the basket. You can watch the video below for instruction and I have added the supply list with links.....I hope this inspires you to look at basket and see the potential!

Supply List

Use any type of basket for this project

The cow and pig is from the Village Market Mould and I used Air Dry Clay.

I used Dark and Decrepit watered down to add some colour to the Cow and Pig.

I used clear Gorilla Glue which you can find at any hardware store

For best results I would let the clay dry over night before adding the Dark and Decrepit it or paint

I hope this inspires you to create today!


June 11, 2022 — denise parkes

Lemon Crate


This crate was upcycled in the Decoupage Club. I used paint and 2 napkins which we cut out and created this design. It seriously looks hand painted don't you think? I teach in the club every Wednesday night using the items from the Decoupage club! Get your name on the list so we can let you know when we have available spots again.... here

Supply List

I got this crate in the antique mall but I have seen them curb-side during the summer

I painted one side with White Swan

I used Liquid Patina to add the napkins to the wood

I used the napkins from the June Decoupage Club Box....they are exclusive to the can find more info about the club here and don't forget to get your spot on the list for our next opening 

Happy Crafting

Decoupage Basket 


June 10, 2022 — denise parkes