Deer and Sleigh

I used the new and limited edition mould and transfer from the Iron Orchid Designs. A little shabby and rustic decor ideas for you. Its never to early to start you Christmas making! The video as well as the supply list is below.....Happy Making!


Supply List

Deer Decor

Jingles mould Limited Edition and Air Dry Clay

White Swan, Vintage Pink and Vintage Mint

Sealer was Big Top

Vintage Texture Stamp

Brown Ink, Black Ink and ink pad

Brown (Dark) Wax for shading


Christmas Vally Transfer Limited Edition

Little Black Dress and White Swan

Big Top for the sealer


Coming Soon 


September 17, 2022 — denise parkes

Stay Cozy


I made this using the New and limited Edition Cozy Stamp! I have listed the products I used as well as the video....this stamp is limited edition so when it is gone 


Supply List

Cutting Board

White Swan

Cozy Stamp and the Vintage Texture Stamp

Black Ink and Ink Pad

Liquid Patina

Buffalo Check Ribbon and Linen Ribbon



August 30, 2022 — denise parkes

Christmas Trees Sign

Create beautiful decor for your home or to resale using the Christmas Vally Transfer. it is a limited edition so dont miss out using this packed full transfer pack

Supply List

Slate board 15"

Christmas Vally Transfer

Little Black Dress

White Swan

Vintage Texture Stamp

Farmhand Stamp

Black ink, Grey Ink  and Pad






August 29, 2022 — denise parkes

Vintage mint Pumpkin


Vintage Mint Pumpkin ....Yes why not!....turn fall decor into your own style using paint and other things you love.....Like I did with the spindle

Supplies I used

Foam Pumpkin

I added Saltwash to White Swan paint to create texture and help the paint stick to the pumpkin.

Once dry I painted the pumpkin with Vintage Mint Paint. there is no need to seal because the vintage Mint is an all in one paint with a sealer.

If you would like to purchase the pumpkin Denise made click here

I used a spindle and wrapped a dolly around the bottom and added a bow using sheer fabric.

Supper easy and glassy looking I hope this has inspired you to create!



August 21, 2022 — denise parkes

Thrift Flips

Thrifted and up-cycled... 6 FUN and UNIQUE creations using thrift store finds. Several of the projects today are budget friendly like the cake plates. I love taking someones trash and turn it into someones treasure..

Products I used


White Swan, White Linen, Vintage Pink


Wing and Feathers, Cameo and Air Dry Clay


Clear Wax and Black Wax

Constructive Adhesive 

For the fabric flower you will need a sheer fabric lighter and water near by please be careful with this one

You will also need hot glue


Coming Soon


August 20, 2022 — denise parkes

Autumn Flowers


Supply List

15" Slate Wood Board

Paints: Grey Skye and White Swan 

Sunflowers Painterly Florals Transfer

Stamps Autumn was Farmhand Stamp, Sunflower was Letterpress Stamp and the Vintage Texture Stamp

Black Ink and Ink Pad

Brushes I use Set of 5 brushes

Finished sign for sale here Autumn Flowers



August 16, 2022 — denise parkes

Fall Decor

I never see pumpkins in the thrift store so I went to the dollar tree! Watch how I up-cycle the items into all Shabby Chic and oh so pretty!

Supplies I used in this video


Fleur  De Lis and Horse and hounds

I used IOD Air Dry Clay


White Swan, White Linen and Vintage Pink

Saltwash powder to add to paint


Clear Wax , Black Wax and Dark and Decrepit

Construction Adhesive

Cinnamon Sticks, branches and door handles

Yarn of your choice  


Coming Soon


August 13, 2022 — denise parkes



How sweet is this! I up-cycled a dollar store frame using clay and paint. I have list the supplies and the video just incase you missed it.


Supply List

For the wings I used the Bird Song Mould and the cameo is from the Cameos Mould 

I used the IOD Air Dry Clay

I painted the frame in White Swan and the wings and cameo in Vintage Pink

I sealed the frame with Liquid Patina and used Black Wax to give the wings more dimension 

Facebook Live


August 09, 2022 — denise parkes

Up-cycled Decor



 8 Up Cycled and Styled, Thrift Store Decorating Ideas

Thrifting never gets old! sometimes the items just need cleaning and others need a new look....In this video I show how to up-cyle thrifted decor and then how to style them! 


Supply List

Project 1 Vintage Suitcase

Paint was White Swan

Paint Inlay Rose Chintz

Sealed with Clear Wax


Brushes I use Set of 5

Spray Bottle with 50/50 Water to Liquid Patina....You want to spray a light coat first and then seal as usual.....If you use a brush it will smear the paint

For the inside you can use fabric and any lace you have to make it uniquely you!

Project 2 Pink Frame

Vintage Pink Paint, which is all in one paint so no need to seal

I added White Wax to give it interest

Brushes I use Set of 5

Project 3 Trinket Dish

Paint is White Swan and I used Clear Wax to seal

Brushes I use Set of 5

Project 4 Lavender Bags

Canvas Bags 

Stamps:  Bella Stamp and Farm Animal Stamp for the rabbit

Black Ink and Pad


Polly filler

Project 5 Tea Pot

Tarnished Silver Tea Pot was from the thrift store

The pink flowers were also from the thrift store and the white ones I had in my stash

Project 6 Vintage Picture

I used Dark and Decrepit to match the colour of the frame

Brushes I use Set of 5

Project 7 Wood Horse

Paint was White Swan

I re-used the Rose Chintz Paint Inlay from the suitcase

Sealed with Clear Wax

Brushes I use Set of 5

Project 8 Mason Jar Vase

Jar of any kind

I re-used the Rose Chintz Paint Inlay from the suitcase

I used Liquid Patina to seal the jar

Brushes I use Set of 5







August 06, 2022 — denise parkes



Up-cycle a dollar store clipboard into a beautiful decor for your home

In the Facebook live we created this clipboard I have inserted the video below if you missed it.

Supply List


I painted the clipboard with Crinoline and used the Le Courier Stamp with the Black ink and Pad.

The leaves are from the Whispering Willow Transfer....the butterfly and the fish is from the Entomology Transfer

I also used Liquid Patina to seal the paint before applying the transfer.





August 06, 2022 — denise parkes

Lavender Sachet


Lavender Sachet 

Simple Craft Idea that smells so good and NO Sew!


Supply List

I used the Bella Stamp and the Farm Animal for the Rabbit 

I used Black Ink with the Ink Pad


The Bird in the above picture is HERE 




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August 03, 2022 — denise parkes

Thrift and up-cycle


Supply List

Paint: Vintage Pink, Vintage White


Stamps: Catwalk, Letterpress, ButterflyBella

Inks: Black Ink ans Ink Pad

Sealers: Clear Wax, Dark (brown) Wax

Ribbon:Linen Black Stripe Linen Ribbon

Ceramic Bird in display 

Brushes I use 5 Brush Set







July 30, 2022 — denise parkes