Paper Heart


Supply List

Cut out 2 hearts from the brown paper and glue them together leaving the top open… watch the video for the full instructions. 

I used a napkin from the January Decoupage Club.

Grab some lace, green picks and 2 dowels. 

You will need some pillow stuffing and Spanish Moss

I used the Typeset Stamp for the XO

I also used brown Ink that I created with New Grass, Tomotto and Black ink

Watch video below for the full instructions. I hope you feel inspired to create today!











January 25, 2022 — denise parkes

Shabby vase and candle


Supply List

The vase is from the dollar store. 

I used doilies from the thrift store and an earring for the centre of the flower. You can watch the video below for the full instruction. 
I decoupaged the candle using a napkin from the Decoupage Club and used  Liquid Patina 

I also used Retro Pink Lace in the flower.

The bird is available here

Be creative and look around your home for items you can use and I hope this inspires you to create something pretty for your home!


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January 24, 2022 — denise parkes

Up cycled plastic soap bottle


Supply List

I used my hand soap bottle for this project, but you can use any bottle, plastic or glass

Because it was plastic I added some napkin paper to the bottle using Liquid Patina.....I just used the backing of the napkin and I wanted the wrinkles so this was going to work out well.

See the video for full instructions

Once the bottle was dry I painted White Swan and Crinoline DIY Paint in a random  application to create depth and let that dry.

I cut an oval shape from a drop cloth and frayed the edges.Then hot glued it to the bottle. I then layered a variety of items to create texture and interest.

I  tied Retro Pink Lace, Retro Ivory Lace and a variety of materials around the neck of the bottle, you can watch the video below to see how I created it.

This is an easy craft you can do with the items in your home.....I hope this  inspired you to reuse containers to make beautiful decor!


Here is another 


January 23, 2022 — denise parkes

Shabby Bucket


Supply List

The galvanized bucket was from a dollar store

I painted 2 coats of White Swan and let dry.

Then I painted another coat of paint and while that was still wet, I added the Rose Chintz Paint Inlay into the bucket.....Please see the video below for the full instructions

I added the material to the handle, filled the bucket with moss and toped it with the eggs that I got from a thrift store.

I hope this inspires you to create!




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January 21, 2022 — denise parkes



Supply List

The wood round is something I may have on the website soon

I did 2 coats of White Swan and then sealed it with Liquid Patina. For full instruction please see video below

I used the Brocante Transfer for the clock flower and bee. You can get so many projects from this one transfer pack

I used the Vintage Texture Stamp for the crackle look, using the Black Ink and Pad.

I used my Pitt Pen for shading throughout the project. I have an Amazon favourite list (USA) you can grab one there.




January 21, 2022 — denise parkes

Decoupage IKEA Planters


Supply List

I got the planters from IKEA but I am sure you can check your local dollar store as well

I used the Bird Watching Napkin to decoupage onto the planters. Since they are white, I didn't need to paint the planters before applying the napkin. 

I used Liquid Patina to decoupage the napkin to the can see the full tutorial in the video below. 

I used Liquid Patina because it's not as thick & gluey as modpodge....Modpodge tends to rip the napkin and Liquid Patina has a true matt finish.

After the planters were dry, I took some White Swan and dry brushed it. 

I then took Golden Rule Wax and highlighted the planters, as well as the plants.

I hope this inspires you to create a creative planter just in time for spring. 




January 19, 2022 — denise parkes

HOP into spring


Supply List and full instruction in video below

I used an 8 x 10 wood canvas and painted it with a coat of White Swan using my brush.

I then took my Pallet Knife and mixed in Petticoat Pink and Crinoline, see video below to watch how I did that.

The Rose White Napkin was applied using Liquid Patina and the letters are 3" wood letter set.

I used the rabbit from the Farm Animal Stamp Set

I antiqued the whole sign using Dark and Decrepit

I outlined the bunny with a Pitt Pen

The pom pom for the tail was from Dollarama in Canada



January 18, 2022 — denise parkes

Decoupage Club January Box


Welcome to the January Box!

This is a monthly subscription box and weekly classes. 

  • Unique napkins hand picked by Denise
  • PDF which is a paper you will receive that is designed by Denise that you can decoupage with
  • Wood canvas or similar item
  • A surprise item to create with
  • A bag of candy! Why?.... well why not LOL!
  • weekly classes in a private Facebook group
  • A community of like minded crafters where you can share ideas and inspirations.
  • Access to previous classes
  • Your cost will never go up as long as you are a member in good standing 
  • Free Shipping

Click here for more information 



Crafts made with the items from the box so far


     Napkin on a canvas bag               Napkin on wood canvas and wood heart 

January 08, 2022 — denise parkes

No sew Heart


Supply List

The fabric is a drop cloth from Home Depot

The word Love was stamped using the Type Set  stamp and the other stamp was the Queen Bee .

I used Black Ink from IOD and the Ink Pad.

Fabric hot glue is by surebonder but you could use regular hot glue

The shabby bow was made from fabric strips, Ivory Lace and Linen Ribbon.




January 06, 2022 — denise parkes

Bunny Basket


Supply List

The basket was from IKEA

The napkin was from the Decoupage Club Box

I painted the basket with Bead Board

I used Liquid Patina to decoupage the napkin to the basket

The bunny ears and tail was from the dollar store 

The eggs were from a thrift store but had a tag from home goods






January 05, 2022 — denise parkes

Up-cycle a tin can


Supply List

Tin can from my kitchen

Candle stick was thrifted

Paper Napkin......this was from the Decoupage Club 

Liquid Patina is what I used to apply the napkin

Paint .......Bead Board

Cameo was made from the Cameo Mould and made with Casting Resin painted in Petticoat Pink and White Wax

Lace.......Retro Pink Lace

Plant was from IKEA

Replay from the Facebook Live.       





January 05, 2022 — denise parkes

Supply List for Decoupage Week January 2021


Here is the supply list for January 10th-14th Decoupage Week. Keep in mind you can substitute colours and items. If you have not signed up for Decoupage week you can Click Here!

Decoupage a mason Jar

  • You can use a mason jar or any jar, smooth surface is best
  • White Paint, best to use a chalk type paint that will adhere to glass. I use DIY paint in Bead Board
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper napkin of your choice. The napkin we will be using is from the Decoupage Club February Box
  • Decoupage Medium. I use Liquid Patina. You can use class I will go over the differences 

Mixed Media Heart

  • We will be using a slat heart , however you can use any hard surface you like IE Mixed media paper, wood, book, etc
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper napkin of your choice. The napkin we will be using is from the Decoupage Club February Box
  • Liquid Patina. You can use class I will go over the differences.
  • Pitt Pen this will be used for shading
  • White Paint, any type is fine for this project

Don't Forget to request to join the facebook group ASAP the link was sent to you in a email when you signed up.





December 25, 2021 — denise parkes