If you would like to create this fun and creative project, the supply list and the video is below. I also included pictures of the final step which was not filmed.

Supply List

  1. 7.75" x 11.6" Wood Canvas...View Here
  2. Vintage Linen Paint...View Here
  3. Marquee Paint (Red)...View Here
  4. Monet's Garden Paint (green)...View Here
  5. Heirloom Mould...View Here
  6. Wing and Feathers Mould...View Here
  7. Victoria Mould...View Here
  8. Air Dry Clay...View Here
  9. Big Top...View Here. or Clear Wax...View Here
  10. Black Wax...View Here
  11. Kindest Regards Stamp...View Here
  12. Turmeric Ink...View Here
  13. Ink Pad...View Here
  14. Gorilla Wood Glue...Hardware Store

Final Steps not on Video

  1. I sealed the entire project with Big Top but you could also use Clear Wax. This is important first step because when you add the Black Wax it will allow you to remove the black wax easily.
  2. Let dry
  3. Add black wax to the flowers seen in picture below.


take a lint free cloth and rub most of the wax off leaving the black wax only in the crevice.


Work in small sections and don't let the wax dry before wiping off.

let dry over night and buff lightly. It's best to do these finals steps when the clay is dry and harden. 


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