Farmer Market Transfer Paintable Canvas


Ordering from the United States? Prices on my website are in Canadian dollars. With the exchange rate the amount on your credit card will be lower than the check out price, depending on the exchange rate that day. For example, if you were to spend $40 Canadian your cost will be $30.47 ( exchange rate based on the day this document was created)


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16 x 20 Canvas: art/craft store

DIY Paint: Gypsy Green, Marque, Summer crush, Bohemian Blue, Golden Ticket, Weathered Wood, Little Black Dress, Peddle Pusher, Canada USA Ship direct from Warehouse


IOD Farmer Market Transfer Click Here

Faber Catel Pitt Pen: Amazon Canada Amazon USA

IOD Black Ink: Click Here

IOD Ink Pad: Click Here

DIY Big Top: Click Here

IOD Typeset Stamp: Click Here

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