Creative Mix Club printable

Creative Mix Club printable

Hello! For this week's Creative Mix Club class, we got to make some little crafts using this month's printable.

I used the exclusive printable to the group and after some inks and some stamps, it turned out so pretty!

The result is simply amazing! Never underestimate a simple printable and the powers of inks, stamps and glues!

Life is busy. And stressful. And full of a thousand other things that you’ve told yourself matter more than your “little craft hobby.” 

I’m not about to tell you otherwise! But, you and your happiness also matter. 

So, if taking a little time each week to create a custom home decor brings you joy, or surrounding yourself with other fun, creative souls lights up your spirit, consider this your permission slip to embrace your crafty side on a weekly basis in The Creative Mix Club.

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