Cutting Board Sign 3 Ways

In this blog I show you 3 different cutting board signs, let me know which one is your favourite



Cutting Board Sign #1

I got this cutting board from the Dollar Store but in Canada our dollar stores are not a dollar, so it was actually $4
I then painted 2 coats of DIY White Swan which is a warm white. DIY has several whites to choose from.  


After it had dried I coated it with Big Top Sealer. When you use a chalk type paint you need to seal it first if you are using a transfer.


Then is was time to add the words. I used the stamp called Typeset from IOD and Black Ink and Ink Pad

We threw around some ideas and eventually went with a viewers idea of "Lemon Zest"


Then is was time to add the lemons. We used Lemon Drop from IOD and we only cut out what we needed. You can get many projects from just 1 lemon transfer! To see more detail instruction how to apply a transfer, I have added the video below :)


After the transfer was applied I used the Craquelure Stamp 

all over to give it the look of crackling....this stamp is so fun


I then sanded it with 300 grit sandpaper (very lightly) just to give it a distressed look.  You can skip this part if you don't like the distressed look.

Give it one more coat of Big Top Sealer for protection and your done!. How cute will this look in the kitchen and if you want to give it that extra kick how about a yellow ribbon tide around the neck of the cutting board. 


 Cutting Board Sign #2


This one was painted with DIY White Swan  (2 coats)  then used the Typeset from IOD  to add the words "Farm Fresh Eggs" using Black Ink and Ink Pad To see this done please referrer to the video below.


Then we used one of my favourite stamps! Farm Animals, It has a rooster, cow, sheep, pig, and a rabbit


Then we added the Cracqulier Stamp  to give it that crackle look! We sealed it with Big Top Sealer which is all natural and won't yellow.




 Cutting Board Sign #3

This one had 1 step before painted with DIY White Swan

We used Dark & Decrepit Patina to give it a stained look. It too is all natural and dries within minutes.

You can see more about applying the stain in the video below.



Once the staining was dry, I dry brushed the DIY White Swan leaving some of the stain showing to give it a distressed look.


 We used the Typeset from IOD  to create the saying "Fresh Cold Milk" and the Black Ink and Ink Pad also from IOD.


We then used the cow from the Farm Animals Stamp and  Black Ink and Ink Pad

Once everything was dry (just a few minutes) we sealed it with Big Top Sealer 

It's amazing what you can make with just a few stamps and paint! 



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