Decoupage Up-cycle Bottle

Decoupage Up-cycle Bottle

 Flower can make beautiful art, and that is why there are millions of napkins with flower patterns because they're so beautiful and they suit almost any occasion or theme.

Napkins have come a long way, they truly are a work of art. In the Decoupage Club this week, we took it up a notch and added some bling and ribbons!

It's truly amazing what you can create with napkins

 In Decoupage Week, you will learn the techniques to transform any surface into a beautiful and unique work of art. Using 3 wood cirlces we will create a Shabby Chic pumpkin canvas.

You will also learn shading and how to make a shabby bow

Throughout the week, we will delve into the fundamentals of decoupaging, from selecting the right materials to preparing the surface for application.

Kit available!

Life is busy. And stressful. And full of a thousand other things that you’ve told yourself matter more than your “little craft hobby.” 

I’m not about to tell you otherwise! But, you and your happiness also matter. 

So, if taking a little time each week to create a custom home decor brings you joy, or surrounding yourself with other fun, creative souls lights up your spirit, consider this your permission slip to embrace your crafty side on a weekly basis in The Decoupage Club.

Get on the waitlist to be notified when we open in August!

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Unbox your creativity with the Decoupage Club box! As a member you'll not only receive a box filled with all the materials and inspiration, but you will also have access to our weekly online classes.

Each class is designed to teach you new techniques and provide inspiration for your projects.Inside this month's box, you'll find high-quality paper napkins, embellishments, and a wood cutout 

Whether you're new to decoupage or an experienced crafter, the Decoupage Club will help you take your skills to the next level. So sign up, join our class, and let's get crafting

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