Dinning Table Makeover

Dinning Table Makeover

This table was given to me at just the right time. I am redoing my dinning room and because it is so small I needed a small table......but I wanted something vintage.  So how lucky was I, that this came to me and had the best chunky legs ever!! lol

next project will be the chairs!


I used a eco friendly stripper but next time  I will just sand, basically because I had to sand anyway......lesson learned lol

After sanding I used a scrubby to remove any last residue and finish.  


I then used Old and Grey From DIY Paint to stain the top.  Now I say stain but its not your traditional stain.  It's water based and dries in 15 min. Now how awesome is that!

The left side is 1 coat of Old and Grey.



Then I painted the legs with 2 coats Bead Board also by DIY Paint.

Next I wet distressed them with water and a lint free cloth

I used clear wax on the legs.. The top I finished in Big Top liquid sealer because it's a dinning table 

I really love this finish and will be doing more for the furniture I sell in my booth









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