Supply List

Small Grey Pumpkin

  1. Wood Pumpkin.....Dollarama (Canada)
  2. Craft Sticks.....View Here
  3. Old and Grey, (Grey Stain).....View Here
  4. Linen Ribbon.....View Here
  5. Wood Button.....View Here

Large Pumpkin

  1. Wood cut out Dollarama (Canada)
  2. White Rope.....View Here
  3. Wood Button.....View Here
  4. Cloth Ribbon.....View Here

3 Small 3 cloth Pumpkins

  1. Small Pumpkins...Dollarama (Canada)
  2. Cloth Ribbon.....View Here

Glue gun and sticks for all 3 projects 





August 04, 2021 — denise parkes


Lucy Contegiacomo

Lucy Contegiacomo said:

I was placing an order and when I was checking out I could not believe the shipping charges of $31 … WHY ???

Jane Jones

Jane Jones said:

This is a very elegant fall look.

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