Farmhouse sign

Farmhouse sign


Having these signs (shelf sitter) in your home gives a nice touch to any vignette, or if you resale they are and easy project that moves well. 


The supplies you need are:

DYI Paint (in the colours) ;

Hot Cocoa JRV Stencil

Buffalo Check Napkin (Two 2.5” pieces)

Liquid Patina (Decoupage Medium)

Stencil Brush



First step is to paint your wood piece using DIY Paint. We used Little Black Dress, which is the blackest black.

Let dry completely before moving on.




Pull off the backing on the Buffalo Check Napkin. You can save the backing and use it for cleaning up any messes!  Using a small paint brush and a bit of water you can easily tear 2.5” pieces from the napkin by swiping a dampened brush across the napkin and pulling apart gently. 


  • Quick Tip: To easily remove the backing from the napkin just wet the tip of your finger and thumb and press together on the napkin and release.  The napkin should stick to your finger and the backing to your thumb giving you a starting point for removing the backing.

Apply Liquid Patina to the side areas of the wood piece where the napkin will go, then line up your napkin and set it on top of the Liquid Patina.  Do not worry about that extra bit hanging over, that can easily be removed with a bit of sandpaper later. 


Once your napkin is in place use a bag to pat it down. Using a bag keeps the napkin from ripping. 

Line up your Hot Cocoa Stencil and apply your paint using dabbing or swirling motions. If you would like a more hand painted look you can fill in the areas where the wording does not touch by using a small paint brush.

  • Quick Tip: Make sure you off load your Stencil Brush after dipping it into your paint so that you do not push the excess paint under the stencil.


Once everything is completely dry and you have removed any extra napkin bits, you will want to seal the whole front of the sign using Liquid Patina.
And that is it! Now you have a super cute shelf sitter to add to your home! Or if you would rather it hang on a wall, then you just need to add a couple small eye hooks to the top and use your choice of wire, twine, or ribbon to hang!


This would make a great gift and I hope this has inspired you to create one and if you do, show us in our free group! 

 I Want to Craft  here.

Keep crafting, stay safe and be Happy!

You can watch the video here.


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