Junk Journal Series EP. 3

Junk Journal Series EP. 3

print of a canary in a painted vintage from that was uo-cycled

Welcome to the Junk Journal Series!  Throughout the summer, we'll embark on a creative endeavour to put together a unique and personal junk journal. I'm thrilled to have you join me on this adventure!

To kick off our series, I decided to utilize the Vintage Journal Printable collection. This collection was initially designed with journaling in mind, but I've crafted it in a way that allows for versatile use in various creative projects. Whether you're an experienced junk journal enthusiast or a curious beginner, this series promises to provide inspiration and ideas for crafting a one-of-a-kind journal.

craft using the vintage birds print on a mixed media canvas

Junk journaling is a fantastic way to repurpose everyday objects, scraps, and ephemera into a beautiful and meaningful keepsake. It's a unique form of artistic expression that allows us to combine different textures, colors, and elements to create a visually stunning and highly personal journal. The possibilities are truly endless!

Throughout the series, I'll be sharing my progress, tips, and techniques for creating a stunning junk journal. We'll explore different themes, experiment with various materials, and discover ways to incorporate our own stories and memories into the pages. Whether you prefer a vintage aesthetic, a whimsical style, or something entirely different, there's a place for everyone in this series.

So, gather your old magazines, ticket stubs, fabric scraps, and any other bits and bobs that catch your eye. Let's turn them into treasured pages filled with creativity, nostalgia, and personal reflections. Together, we'll bring our junk journal to life and embark on a journey of self-expression and exploration.

I can't wait to see what we'll create together in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Junk Journal Series, where we'll dive into the exciting process of assembling our first pages using the Vintage Journal Printable collection. Get ready to unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild!

Until then, happy junk journaling!

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More About Printable's and Junk Journals

Printables offer an incredible range of creative opportunities in the realm of junk journaling. With their versatility, you can effortlessly transform plain pages into enchanting works of art that reflect your unique style and narrative. Whether you're a seasoned junk journaler or just starting out, harness the power of printables to infuse your journals with beauty, nostalgia, and personal expression. Let your imagination soar, and may your junk journal become a treasured keepsake of your creativity and experiences.

10 ideas for the types of ephemera you can use in your junk journals:

  1. Tickets: Save ticket stubs from concerts, movies, or special events to add a touch of nostalgia and commemorate memorable experiences.

  2. Postcards: Collect vintage or modern postcards featuring stunning landscapes, artwork, or iconic landmarks to incorporate into your journal.

  3. Photographs: Print out your favorite photos or use old family pictures to evoke emotions and tell personal stories within your journal.

  4. Jewelry Findings: Repurpose broken or unused jewelry pieces, such as charms, beads, or pendants, to add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your journal.

  5. Stamps and Postal Stickers: Incorporate postage stamps or decorative postal stickers to add a vintage or whimsical touch to your journal.

  6. Vintage Labels and Packaging: Save labels from old products or vintage packaging to add a touch of nostalgia and retro charm to your journal.

  7. Book Pages: Repurpose torn or discarded book pages, especially those with beautiful typography or illustrations, to add a literary charm to your journal.

  8. Fabric Scraps: Incorporate small fabric swatches, lace trimmings, or textured materials to add dimension and tactile interest to your journal pages.

  9. Vintage Ads and Magazine Cutouts: Explore thrift stores or old magazines for vintage advertisements, interesting articles, or captivating images to include in your journal.

  10. Handwritten Notes: Jot down personal thoughts, quotes, or snippets of conversations on small pieces of paper or sticky notes to infuse your journal with authenticity and intimacy.

Remember, the beauty of junk journaling lies in the freedom to incorporate any ephemera that resonates with you personally. Get creative, mix and match different elements, and let your journal become a treasure trove of memories and artistic expression.

Mixed Media and Journals

Mixed media is a type of crafting that involves combining different materials and techniques to create a unique piece of art. It's a popular form of crafting because it allows you to experiment with different textures, colors, and mediums, creating something that's truly one-of-a-kind.

For the more craft-focused individuals, mixed media can be a great way to add a personalized touch to home decor, gift-giving, and even upcycling old items. With the ability to use a variety of materials, such as fabric, paper, paint, and more, mixed media can add depth and dimension to any project.

One fun and simple mixed media project is creating a personalized journal or scrapbook. You can use a variety of materials to decorate the pages, such as paint, stencils, stickers, washi tape, and more. By combining different textures and techniques, you can create a visually interesting and unique book that's perfect for jotting down thoughts, memories, or even as a gift.

Another craft-focused mixed media project is creating custom home decor. With the ability to use different materials and techniques, you can create a variety of decor items, such as wall art, photo frames, and even planters. By combining materials such as wood, paint, and fabric, you can create a piece that's both functional and stylish.

For those who enjoy upcycling old items, mixed media can be a great way to give new life to old items. For example, you can take an old chair and use a combination of paint and fabric to create a completely new look. This not only saves money but also helps reduce waste by repurposing items that would otherwise be thrown away.

In conclusion, mixed media is a versatile form of crafting that offers a range of possibilities for those who enjoy crafting. Whether you're creating personalized journals, custom home decor, or upcycling old items, mixed media allows you to combine different materials and techniques to create something that's truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

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