Junk Journal Series EP. 9

Junk Journal Series EP. 9

Welcome to Episode 9 of our incredible Summer Junk Journal series! We're thrilled to have you join us for another fantastic episode. Today we decorated the front page of our journal! 

We added some ribbons on the front of the journal and even put a ribbon in between the first and last pages so it can be tied together into a bow to keep the journal in place. With every episode, our journal is looking more and more complete!

Tune in to future episodes to see us complete our junk journal!

Along with the Essential Shabby Collection we now have Vintage Paper Collection. I put together a variety of vintage papers and coffee staines papers. all are different and one of a kind

Products I used

Click here to see our Essential Shabby Collections https://www.deniseparkesdiy.com/collections/essential-shabby-collection

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