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I loved how these turned out! and you can hang both on the wall if you like.  I have listed what you will need below and also linked the video just incase you have net seen it......Happy Crafting!

Supply List

  1. Clipboard from dollar store
  2. Small frame was from the Dollar Tree
  3. Memo pad Dollar Tree
  4. Magnets Dollar Tree
  5. Wood bird Dollar Tree
  6. Cork Board Dollar Tree
  7. Paint was Vintage Linen Website
  8. Brush by Paint Pixie Website
  9. Stamp was Bohemia Website
  10. Black ink Website
  11. Ink Pad Website
  12. Ribbon Website



January 02, 2021 — denise parkes



Michelle said:

I love this. Cant wait to try it. What about the ink doesnt smear? #list

Diana Longwell

Diana Longwell said:

I love your ideal! I bought some clip boards from dollar tree and I’ve made a couple, but no stamps. Where do you get stamping stuff from?

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