Noel Blocks

Noel Blocks



This super easy Christmas Decor is so easy and quick.

 I am using 2 x 3 piece of wood a various heights.

First cut and sand the wood blocks (not pictured here)


Paint the blocks using DIY Paint in Marquee. I coat is all you need!

I am using the french tip brush


You get great coverage with DIY Paint! Let dry


Once dry, I sanded the blocks to give it a distressed look. (especially around the edges)


I am using the Iron Orchid Design (IOD) Stamp called Typeset. It comes with Upper case (used here) lowercase and numbers.  I am using the ink from IOD called Mixing White. 


Press the stamp onto the wood block.


The mixing white gives it a nice vintage look.  Continue stamping the rest of the block to spell NOEL.


Once the ink is dry, seal with Liquid Patina.  You could use Big Top or wax

And that's it you now have a cute Christmas display for your self or a cute gift!

Christmas decor

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