Pretty Shabby

Pretty Shabby


Oh so pretty with just a hint of pink! We made this the other night during a facebook live. Perfect for year round decor!

PS I added the flowers after the live.

Supply List

  1. Wood Heart (Slat)....View Here
  2. Vintage Linen Paint...View Here
  3. Kindest Regards Stamp...View Here
  4. Stone Grey Ink...View Here
  5. Ink Pad...View Here
  6. Rose Toile Stamp (Dragon Fly)...View Here
  7. Beige Dot Ribbon...View Here
  8. Grey Flower Ribbon...View Here
  9. Flowers ...(Slightly different colour) View Here
  10. Jewellery was from Micheals
  11. Big Top Sealer....View Here 



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