Shabby Chic Thrift Flips


I Love both farmhouse, Shabby Chic and French County.  In this video we are going all out on the Shabby Chic. 7 projects using items from the thrift store.....Glasswear, frames and nick nacks.....all up cycled on a budget. I hope this inspires you to create something beautiful for your home! The video is below if you haven't seen it


Supply list

Aside from the glassware you will need some of your favourite ribbon, fabric and lace

The mould I used for the cloch was Rosette Mould and I used AirDry Clay

I used the Ephemeral Transfer for the Frame.

The paint was White Swan and I used Clear Wax and Dark Wax

Mixed media paper or construction paper from any craft store

You will need some glue, I like the gorilla brand....any hardware store will have it.

I hope this inspires you to create today!


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