I used 3 shades of pink in the Fusion Mineral Paint line, damask, picket fence, and peony. Also pretty paint colors for Shabby Chic look

Shades of Pink


I used 3 shades of pink in the Fusion Paint line.....as you might know I LOVE pink it's a beautiful colour that goes with so many styles. Below is the supply list and the video. Happy Crafting

Supply List

Candle stick (top left in picture above) I painted in Peony which is a traditional baby pink and used Picket Fence to dry brush the white. No need to seal Fusion Mineral Paint.... I then used sandpaper to destress the paint Purchase Candle Stick Here

Horse Bust was painted in Damask and dried brush Picket Fence.....also used Vintage Gold on the main Purchase Horse Here 

Ceramic Bunny was painted in Rose Water with Vintage Gold on the nose and ears. Purchase Bunny Here

Candle Stick ( right side of the picture above) was painted in Rose Water and Dried brushed with Picket Fence. I used Vintage Gold on a few spot as well Purchase Candle Stick Here 

Fusion Paint comes in 2 sizes and over 60 colours including a metallic line. No sealer required......See all the colours here Fusion Mineral Paint


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