Snowy Luminary Dollar Store Craft

How cute are these? and easy!

This DIY Craft was created for my Christmas in July week on Facebook. 

I got everything at the dollar store except the Modpode but white craft glue will work as well! 


Here is what you will need

1 Bag of Epsome Salt

Glass Jar

White glue

Twine or ribbon 

Chip Brush





July 29, 2020 — denise parkes



Traci said:

It’s so funny how things randomly show up for me to watch! I have been wanting to do this for awhile and finally gave it a try this morning. Fail… I was so disappointed! I thought this was going to be so easy! I was practicing this so I would have one to use as an example for my daughter and her friends to make them for a girls craft day. Each girl can take it home wrapped as a gift for their family. I set it all aside for awhile and then I run into this video and watch you doing the same thing! I think I didn’t layer the Mod Podge on thick enough. I was thinking I may need to add a touch of water to mine because it seemed to be drying up as fast as I was spreading it onto the glass. But, you specifically said not to water it down any. I’ll try again later today and hope it works this time. I was so excited and knew this was going to turn out amazing! I guess I got a little too confident. 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️
I’ve got 4 mayonnaise jars and about 8 Starbucks mocha frappe glass jars to make these with. Wish me luck!

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