Thrift for profit ( milk can)

You can flip thrift store decor for profit! I paid $3.00 for this enamel milk can and put a piece of the Borcante transfer on. It took me about 5 min to complete.

Low cost and 5 min of my time will bring great profit. In the Brocante Transfer there is over 40 transfers as small as the bee to the huge clock face. So the transfer I used would cost about $1. Let's take a look at the thrift for profit on this project.

Milk can-$3.00, Transfer $1.00 my time $2.00. (if i pay myself 20.00 per hour and it took me 5 min to do) So this project was  $6.00 to make

I could sell this can for 24.95. that's 18.95 profit and I paid myself to make it!

Depending on your area and market these numbers can change.

Whether you are making for your self or to sell, I hope you create today and save money on your decor or make a profit.

You can watch the replay of me doing this project below.




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