Up cycled plastic soap bottle


Supply List

I used my hand soap bottle for this project, but you can use any bottle, plastic or glass

Because it was plastic I added some napkin paper to the bottle using Liquid Patina.....I just used the backing of the napkin and I wanted the wrinkles so this was going to work out well.

See the video for full instructions

Once the bottle was dry I painted White Swan and Crinoline DIY Paint in a random  application to create depth and let that dry.

I cut an oval shape from a drop cloth and frayed the edges.Then hot glued it to the bottle. I then layered a variety of items to create texture and interest.

I  tied Retro Pink Lace, Retro Ivory Lace and a variety of materials around the neck of the bottle, you can watch the video below to see how I created it.

This is an easy craft you can do with the items in your home.....I hope this  inspired you to reuse containers to make beautiful decor!


Here is another 


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