up cycled book using paper napkins from the Decoupage Club

Up-cycle Book

Up cycling is a fun and creative way to give new life to old items, and that's exactly what I did with an old book I had lying around. With a few items from the February Decoupage Club Box, I was able to transform it into a beautiful piece of decor.

One of the most interesting things about this project was that I even used part of a shipping box! It adds an extra layer of interest to the book and gives it a unique touch.

I hope this post inspires you to take a look around your home and see what old items you can give new life to. Whether it's an old book, a picture frame, or any other item, the possibilities are endless when it comes to up cycling and decoupage. So grab some supplies, get creative, and see what amazing creations you can come up with.

Supply List

The napkins I used were from the February Decoupage Club Box and the music notes is from a previous month.

I used Liquid Patina as the decoupage medium.

I used cardboard from a shipping box and the book was from the thrift store.

Lace, fabric and bling is from the Essential Shabby Collection.

I added the video below so you can get the full instruction on this fun and easy craft.

Products I used

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