Up-cycle Painting

Up-cycle Painting

I bought this picture from the thrift store I loved the painting but was not a fan of the frame. I prefer more an ornate look, so I used some moulds and air dry clay and got to work

I used two moulds, the Dainty Flourish, Trimmings 1 and air dry clay

The picture frame had Burgundy crushed velvet and even though it can be painted, it will take many coats and it still might show trough. So i used the trimming 1 mould and the clay,  glued it to the velvet using Wood glue by Gorilla Brand.

I then used the Dainty Flourish for the corners. Once everything  was glued I let it dry over night

For the full instruction please see the two videos below

 I used two colors from Fusion -  Soap Stone was the main colour, and I added a touch of Eucalyptus to highlight the beautiful details. To make things even more interesting and eye-catching, I played around with vintage gold and a soft white. If you're curious to see the whole process, I've got it all captured in a fun two-part video below! Enjoy!

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