up-cycle thrifted items with paint and clay

up-cycle thrifted items with paint and clay

I am always at the thrift store and see inexpensive items and with a little help can be beautifully up-cycled. 

Below is a few things I created with DIY Paint and Iron Orchid Design also known as IOD lol. I included the LIVE facebook Video I did showing you how easy it is!


 A glass carafe and 2 wall sconces totalling a whopping  $3.00! I used Little Black Dress  from DIY Paint, the mould called  Bird Song  and Air Dry Clay from IOD.

Glue the freshly made bird (check out the video below) using wood glue, I like to use Gorilla brand. Let it dry over night, you can paint right away but use a light touch so you don't loose all that beautiful texture.

Once dry, I painted the carafe with DIY Paint in Little black dress, the paint is so heavily pigmented 1 coat usually does it.....maybe just a "touch up" is needed. Let dry a few hours (as per the bottle instructions)  but if you know me I only waited 15 minutes LOL

Then I used DIY clear wax all over, then rubbed on DIY white wax right away ( you can wait....but why :) get that white wax all in the crevasses. Then rub off the white wax and you will be left with that gorgeous patina look .  Let dry over night and buff to desired shine using a lint free rag or the buffing brush by Paint Pixie

You now have a beautiful vase to keep, sell or give as a gift!

Supply list from the video


Purchase products in CAD Currency or US Currency at iwanttocraft.com 

Products Used

Bird Song Mould 

Classic Eleaments 

Monarch Mould 

Laurel Mould

Air Dry Clay 

Above: Bird Song Mould, DIY Paint in Prairie Grey, Clear wax and White Wax


Above: Song Bird Mould, DIY Paint in Little Black Dress, Clear Wax and White Wax



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