Up-cycle bottle-styled 2 ways

Grab a bottle from the kitchen or thrift store and make a unique centrepiece for you table.....I styled this 2 ways to show, you can change things up depending on your style and time of year!.

For full instruction please watch the video below.......I hope this inspires you to create today!

Supply List

You will need a glass bottle of any kind.

I tried something different today, I first applied Liquid Patina to the jar. This will help the paint adhere to the jar, however you don't need to with DIY Clay based paint .

I then painted 2 coats of paint in the colour Aviary ....here is the brush set I use all the time....here

 I used White Wax to seal it and give it a patina look....see video for more info about that.

I staged this jar 2 ways......1, has 2 picks of Lambs Ear and 3 Cream Eggs

the 2nd one has 1 Yellow Hydrangeas and 3 Olive Eggs

I hope this has inspired you to create today!



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