up-cycled thrift store book

Whenever I do a mixed media craft, I never really know how it's going to turn out. I grab my supplies and just go with it!.  This was done over 2 lives so I am adding both videos below. The first one is putting all the components together and the second is the painting and aging.

Supply List

For instruction please watch videos.

I used a book I got from the thrift store, the kind made out of wood that opens up, but you can do this on any type of book

I decoupaged the angel printable with liquid Patina and the angel printable was from the January Decoupage Club

Paint colours I used are Gypsy Green, Crinoline, Vintage Linen

I used 2 moulds for this project and air dry clay, the wreath and crown are from the Laurel and the letters are the Harper and we also have uppercase Victoria mould 

The red flowers are from the Redoute 2 transfer, you get a ton of projects from 1package.

To age the book I used Clear Wax first, then Brown Wax 

To finish it off I used a black Pitt Pen all around the book.

I hope this has inspired you to create today!

Video 1                                             



Video 2





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